About Us


The search for Authenticity
Finding Epiphany in the rawest of materials – Vintage leather
We celebrate the potential of selvedge with a sensibility for Craftmanship that is Design led
We find this helps our garments achieve a sense of depth and varigation unique to the quality of Antique Leather’s patina
By the resourceful creation of Re-claiming Leather in a process known as up-cycling we are exploring
The importance of originality as a reaction against clothes becoming uniform
We as Bricoleur, develop a hands on knowledge of quality and spontaneity of our product is our narrative.
Each Jacket has it’s own sense of character and each wearer owns the original blueprint of our processes.
Providing new meanings regardless of how many times it is encountered
There will be more pieces to this Story.
Genuine Article as a company exercise a zero waste strategy.
All our materials are sourced in the U.K and assembled in our London studio.
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